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Infrared Thermometers

Non-touch temperature monitoring

CLOC – Medical grade thermometer

World class medical grade model


CLOC SK – T008


This model uses a 9 volt battery as opposed to most other models that use two x AAA batteries. (3v)  the additional voltage allows for scanning from up to 15cm. (150mm)

An added feature is the operating environment scanning range.  The T008 can scan in environments ranging from 10 C – 40 C.

The CLOC Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer SK-T008 provides high-precision and accurate temperature readings.

No-contact and hygienic temperature measurement

LCD display with back-light for dark conditions

Uses infrared technology

Auto power off

The CLOC Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer SK-T008 will sound an alarm for the upper and lower temperature limit to help identify abnormalities or fevers.

This product requires a single 9V battery to operate.  (Not supplied)

– 32 Slot Memory
– Both for Body and Object
– Non-contact Infrared system
– Adults and Children
– Fast measurement
– Forehead Type
– 32 Memories Recall
– 5 – 15 cm Distance
– 10 to 40 degrees Celcius

measurement modes


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GP 300 Medical grade thermometer

World class thermometers

GP 300 – Specifications:

Model Number: GP-300
Material: Plastic
Display Size: 1.9 Inches & Under
Measuring distance: 1 – 15cm from forehead

Body Measurement Range: 32 to 43 Celsius
Temperature unit: Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Memory Record: 32 sets
Display: LCD Digital
Target User: Baby, Children, Adults

Voltage: DC 3V
Measuring Mode: Ear Temperature, Body Temperature, Object Temperature
Colour: White body with either Grey buttons
Size: 15cm x 10cm x 4cm

GP-300 Medical Handheld Infrared Digital Thermometer Non-Contact with High Precision

This infrared Thermometer is specially designed to test the body temperature of a person in both the ear and the forehead.
It can also test the temperature of the surface of the objects, like room, foods, bathwater, baby milk, etc.
The ear thermometer is widely used for home healthcare, medical institutions and many on other occasions.

Memory Function:

With 32 sets of storage data to record the changes from the body temperature of our babies.

Infrared Measurement:

Test body temperature by detecting the infrared heat from ear and forehead, also test object temperature.

Suitable for:

No disturbance to sleep, suitable for babies, kids and adults. Infrared technology ensures high accuracy.

Low-Power Consumption:

It will be turned off automatically after about 15 seconds if there is no operation.

Very Easy to Use:

Measurement mode: Non-contact infrared thermometer
Measuring range: Human body   32.0℃-43℃
Measuring distance: 1 – 15CM

Temperature measurement time: 1 second
Detection precision: 35.0℃~42℃               +0.2℃
Operating ambient temperature: 16 to 35℃
Battery specification: DC 3V
Automatic shutdown: 15s
Battery circuit reminder: 2.70V(7 hours )
Backlight: Monochrome backlight
Number of memory groups: Body temperature 32 groups

Available stock: White + Grey trim

Notice: Batteries not included.


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FZK Non touch Thermometers – FZK 8810A





FZK8810A Thermometers

Measurement mode : Non contact
Measurement distance : 3 – 5 cm
Human Temperature measurement range: 32°C – 42°C

Error range:  0.2°C

Power supply: 2 pcs AAA batteries
Operating environment temperature range:  10°C – 40°C
Weight: 70G

Humidity: ≤ 85%


Main functions:
-Rapid measurement

-Auto off after 15 seconds
-Infrared temperature sensor
-Medical certification
-Query the history
-Auto alarm (High & low)
-3 measurement modes

-Certification:  CE, FCC,  EN 60601-1,  EN 55010,  EN 61000-3-3

BCKT 5 Infrared Thermometers price list

R 995.00 ea ex vat

Delivery cost to all major centres across SA

1-5        R 100.00 ex vat

10-50    R 200.00 ex vat

100       R 250.00 ex vat


T5 Infrared thermometer –

In stock

T5 / NX-2000 Digital LED Infrared Thermometer Gun

Non-contact Quick Temperature Measurement:

Product information:

Name: Dayoumed NX-2000 Infrared Electronic Thermometer

Model: NX–2000  (Named T5 in South Africa)

Product parameters:

Measuring range:  body temperature 32.0 C~42.9C.

Accuracy of measurement: Human body (+0.2 C) object (+1 C)

Product size: 30mm *44mm *152mm

Packaging box size: 175 mm*72 mm*47 mm

Memory Storage: 32 Data Memory

Gross Weight: 190g

Power parameters: 3V AAA 1.5V battery x2 (not included)

Product characteristics:

Features three modes, for forehead, ear and body temperature measurement.

Backlight LCD display, LED high brightness tricolour backlight!

Fever alarm function prompts that the measured value is greater than 38.0 degrees .

  1. Accurate measurement: measurement deviation < 0.2 degrees. (German Infrared Detection System)
  2. Fast temperature measurement: measuring time is less than 1 second.
  3. Easy to use: one key measurement, easy to operate.
  4. Non-contact: measuring human forehead without touching human skin.
  5. Service life: Install 2 batteries of No. 7, which can be used more than 20,000 times, and the service life of the product is more than 40,000 times.
  6. Measuring distance: It can be adapted within 5 – 15CM without fixed measuring distance. 7. Large screen display: Large screen LCD display, any light can be clearly displayed.
  7. Adjustable Temperature alarm.
  8. Storage data: 32 measurements are stored to facilitate analysis and comparison.
  9. Unit Conversion: Use Celsius and Fahrenheit to convert each other. (Press the memory key for about 6 seconds to stop when the shutdown state is long. After automatic shutdown, the reboot will be set up successfully!

HG 01 price list


Delivery cost to all major centres across SA

1-5        R 100.00 ex vat

10-50    R 200.00 ex vat

100       R 250.00 ex vat


Simzo HW 302

The Simzo Infrared Thermometer can be used to measure body temperature by aiming the device at the forehead from 5-8cm away.  It takes less than a second to get an accurate reading.  This non-contact measurement prevents cross-infection. It’s simple to use; press the respective buttons to toggle between measurement mode, unit of measurement, and memory check. The Infrared Thermometer has a standard deviation rate of 0.2°C when measuring body temperature and 1°C when measuring objects. It has a warning beep to indicate a high temperature.  It features 3 different colour LED’s to display different temperatures.  All rights reserved, specifications subject to change at any time. Simzo Thermometer Factory. 

Certification:  EN60601-1, EN12470-5, ASTM1965-98

 Simzo HW 302 Price list


Delivery cost to all major centers across SA

1-5        R 100.00 ex vat

10-50    R 200.00 ex vat

100       R 250.00 ex vat

Dikang HG 01 – Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers enable temperature measurement from a few centimeters away from the person being measured. The simple operation makes this type of thermometer much safer to take a person’s temperature while avoiding contamination.

Certification:  CE, RoHS and EN60601-1



Dikang HG 01 price list

1 –  

Delivery cost to all major centres across SA

1-5        R 100.00 ex vat

10-50    R 200.00 ex vat

100       R 250.00 ex vat





BCKT3 infrared thermometer features

See cloc Model ABOVE


• Non-contact measuring 5 – 15cm
• Fast and easy
• One key measuring
• Smart detector 0.5s measuring time
• Ergonomic handle design
• LCD display and fever alarm
• Transport & storage: temperature-20℃-55℃ relative temperature
• Atmospheric pressure: 70kpa-106kpa
• Indicating unit resolution: 0.1℃
• Accuracy (Body temperature mode): 35.0℃-42.0℃ within range ±0.2℃
: 35.0℃-42.0℃ out of range ±0.3℃
• Measuring range (Body temperature mode) 32.0℃-42.9℃
• Operating temperature: 10℃-40℃
• Operating humidity: ≤80%
• Power supply: DC9V battery
• Automatic power Off: 90Sec
• Product dimension: 100 x 46 x 160 mm
• Product weight: 125g (Battery not included)
• CE RSHO ISO: 13485: 2016


Infrared thermometers enable temperature measurement from a few centimetres away from the person being measured. They are simple to operate, a click of the button gives an accurate reading within a second.

How Infrared non-contact thermometers work.

All objects at a temperature above absolute Zero (0K) emit a certain percentage of radiation energy. Infrared thermometers measure this radiation known as characteristic radiation.  When a human body is at 36-37 C it emits wavelengths of between 9-13um.  Measuring this thermal radiation is a convenient non-invasive means of accurately determining temperatures.

Infrared thermometer features:

Avoids touch, thus avoiding contamination

Fast, accurate readings

Large, easy to read LCD display

Infrared technology

FAQ on thermometers:

How accurate are infrared thermometers?

Human temperature model infrared thermometers are considered to be accurate.  Inaccuracies most often occur due to operator errors. 

Are non-human IR thermometers accurate enough to take human temperatures? 

These are designed for non-human temperature measurement so they may not be very accurate in the range of human body temperature. They’re calibrated over a wide range and could be off by a degree or two. That said, even if your IR gun reads low by one degree it should be consistent.

Why don’t human body IR thermometers have calibration certificates?

Medical thermometers are calibrated over a very small range – typically about 34 to 42 degrees C. Non-human thermometers need calibration certificate as they can measure a few hundred-degree ranges.  

Some information from ThermPro:

Why Thermometer Guns are sometimes inaccurate and Unreliable

The question arises whether you can take body temperature with an infrared thermometer, and you can with a high-quality medical infrared thermometer under certain conditions. Problems arise, however, especially during the Coronavirus scare. Thermometer guns can be highly inaccurate, mostly because of operator mistakes.

Inaccuracies include operating errors and misinterpretations of readings. People who don’t know how to use thermometers can get inaccurate readings for a number of different reasons. These include:

  1. Not Following Instructions
    Thermometer guns must be used at the proper distance – not too close or too far away – to get an accurate reading.
  2. Only Accurate for Reading Surface Temps
    The thermometer guns only measure the surface temperature of the skin. That can fluctuate for many reasons, and the guns don’t measure internal temperature like a probe.
  3. Needs Skilled Adjustment
    A non-contact thermometer needs to be adjusted to read the temperatures of different surfaces.
  4. Subject to Environmental Influences
    Frost, rain and other conditions can affect surface temperatures. Rapid changes in the ambient temperature of a room can also skew readings. Electromagnetic field and radio frequency interference can cause inaccurate readings.
  5. Not Transparent to Glass and Other Substances
    Thermometer guns can’t read temperatures through the glass and other transparent materials. Instead, they make the surface temperature of the barrier instead of the target.

For COVID-19 Coronavirus, How Well Do Thermometer Guns Work?

The thermometer guns can be very useful for screening crowds at a public event, hotel, school, hospital, airport and other places where people gather. You can get a quick reading and identify someone who might be sick with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. However, there are many reasons why an experienced operator can get inaccurate readings. A restaurant server, chosen at random to screen customers, could cause unnecessary worry, ostracize a perfectly healthy person and even lead to gossip, quarantine and other treatment measures that aren’t needed. It’s also important to ask questions to determine if there are other symptoms of the virus if you get a high reading.

The thermometers work well if you choose a high-quality unit from a reliable company like ThermoPro and an operator who follows the recommended best practices. The advantages of using a thermometer gun include:

  1. Ability to monitor the temperature without touching a contagious person
  2. Can be used for various applications
  3. Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  4. Fast scanning of large crowds
  5. An important resource for many places like airports, hospitals, schools, etc.
  6. Great for taking temperatures of uncooperative targets – such as infants, pets, small children, etc.
  7. Learning how to use an infrared thermometer on a baby to save time and relieve stress

The disadvantages of using a thermometer gun include:

  1. Inaccurate readings caused by operator error
  2. Unnoticed environmental conditions that skew readings
  3. Likelihood of causing false readings that can greatly inconvenience people
  4. Possible quarantining of people who aren’t sick
  5. Requires a learning curve for inexperienced operators

Proper Ways to Use a Thermometer Gun

The best infrared thermometer for body temperature is one that’s manufactured by a company with experience in manufacturing accurate thermometers. It’s also best to buy directly from the manufacturer and avoid the price gouging that many people face when buying sanitary supplies and other products to combat the risk of contracting Coronavirus.

For example, a thermometer from ThermoPro is reasonably priced, highly accurate and can be set specifically for taking body temperatures and even testing the surface temps of cooked foods. The following steps show how to use a ThermoPro thermometer gun correctly:

  1. Set the Reading to Fahrenheit or Celsius
    You can move the toggle switch easily to change your measurement to Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  2. Set the Measurement Unit
    Choose what kind of reading you’re doing – food, body temperature, etc.
  3. Turn on the Laser Gun
    The power button turns on the gun for use.
  4. Aim the Gun
    Aim the gun to the object or person. Make sure there is nothing blocking the gun and target.
  5. Get Close
    Get close to the object or person – between one and two feet.
  6. Pull the Trigger
    Pulling the trigger gives an instant infrared reading on the gun’s display.

The Right Environment to Use a Thermometer Gun

According to the temperature-taking experts at ThermoPro.com, thermometer guns can only be used accurately under the right environmental conditions. The gun only measures surface temperatures and not more accurate internal temperatures that apply to food and body temperature. The right environments for using a thermometer gun include:

  1. Controlled or Mild Environments
    The guns work accurately where there are little or no moisture, smoke, dust, frost, and particles in the air.
  2. Indoor Environments
    The guns work best in areas free of electromagnetic equipment, radio frequencies, and high or low internal temperatures.
  3. Close Operation
    You must be close to what you’re measuring, be that food, body temperature or ambient heat from an oven or grill.
  4. Areas Free of Barriers
    The guns can’t “see” through glass, liquids, plastic or any transparent surface.
  5. Fast Temperature Changes
    Any area where the temperatures rise and fall quickly can throw off your readings.

Taking an infrared thermometer body temperature of the forehead is a good way to get an accurate reading in a controlled environment – such as normal living conditions.

Making Informed Decisions Instead of Panicking

Some people worry more about the closures, possible quarantines, and inconveniences of the world’s governments’ decisions to halt the spread of the Coronavirus. Panicking, hoarding sanitary supplies and paying inflated prices for thermometer guns and other supplies without knowing how to use them properly just increase the risks. You can rely on a reputable thermometer company with a great reputation for manufacturing accurate thermometers.

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