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Adult and Baby NX-2000 Digital LED Infrared Thermometer Gun Non-contact Quick Temperature Measurement:


Product information: Name: Dayoumed NX-2000 Infrared Electronic Thermometer

Model: NX – 2000


Product parameters:


Measuring range:  body temperature 32.0 C~42.9C.

Accuracy of measurement: human body (+0.2 C) object (+1 C)

Product size: 30mm *44mm *152mm

Packaging box size: 175 mm*72 mm*47 mm

Memory Storage: 32 Data Memory

Gross Weight: 190g

Power parameters: 3V AAA 1.5V battery x2 (not included)


 Product characteristics: 


Features three modes, for forehead, ear and body temperature measurement.

Backlight LCD display, LED high brightness tricolour backlight!

Fever alarm function prompts that the measured value is greater than 38.0 degrees .

  1. Accurate measurement: measurement deviation < 0.2 degrees. (German Infrared Detection System)
  2. Fast temperature measurement: measuring time is less than 1 second.
  3. Easy to use: one key measurement, easy to operate.
  4. Non-contact: measuring human forehead without touching human skin.
  5. Service life: Install 2 batteries of No. 7, which can be used more than 20,000 times, and the service life of the product is more than 40,000 times.
  6. Measuring distance: It can be adapted within 5 – 15CM without fixed measuring distance. 7. Large screen display: Large screen LCD display, any light can be clearly displayed.
  7. Adjustable Temperature alarm.
  8. Storage data: 32 measurements are stored to facilitate analysis and comparison.
  9. Unit Conversion: Use Celsius and Fahrenheit to convert each other. (Press the memory key for about 6 seconds to stop when the shutdown state is long. After automatic shutdown, the reboot will be set up successfully!