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Non-contact Thermometer quality

Non-contact thermometer quality

26 April 2020.

Many articles are being published about how China is exporting substandard PPE equipment, in particular face masks.  This should lead you to wonder about the quality of infrared thermometers which they are selling during the COVID 19 outbreak.

Under normal circumstances, most thermometers sold in South Africa need to be approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority. (SAHPRA) The massive demand for PPE products including infrared thermometers has led to many companies with little or no experience in electronics to begin importing.  In the case of infrared thermometers, Chinese companies are offering CE and FDA certificates.  It is worth noting that FDA certification means nothing in South Africa, CE is far more relevant.  Of major concern is that these claims of certification are enough for inexperienced importers.  They simply take who take their supplier’s word for it that these certificates are real.  In reality, most of these certifications and test reports have been forged.  We checked as many as ten suppliers test reports that claim to have CE certification.  Out of ten certificates, only two could be verified on the relevant testing house web sites.  This is extremely concerning when you consider these devices are being relied on to save lives.  Inexperienced importers looking to make a quick buck are unwittingly importing products that are of low quality or may even be defective.

If you are purchasing infrared non-contact thermometers you need to ask a few questions of your local supplier.

  1. What experience do they have in importing electronic products?
  2. Have they verified the test reports and certification they received from their supplier?
  3. How did they verify this certification?
  4. Is their factory ISO certified, is yes which ISO standards have they met?
  5. How long has their factory been producing thermal measurement devices?
  6. Is their factory a registered medical export company?  If yes have they confirmed this medical registration.
  7. Which test reports can the factory provide?